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wowowee and the stampede in ultra February 16, 2006

Quite a big issue these days, i really didn’t bother about this issue before but i came across a friend who mentioned to me again about this issue. Although kinda irritated, i kept on asking what’s her point, to blame the company? can’t say anything, then i just found out that she got her idea from a speech of Mr. Randy David, i actually haven’t read about the speech or heard about it.

But to think about it, the incident already happened, and ABS-CBN took their part in helping the victims and even supporting them, do we really have to blame them? or wowowee? or the host?

I’m not really a fan of abs-cbn, nor wowowee, since frankly speaking, i rarely watch television shows. but having read some news, and heard some from radio. ABS-CBN have done their part, to help the victims, the government also did their part.(i’m not pro government even). The issue now is, why do people have to start blaming these parties? what’s their point? do they really want to bring them down? though we understand that many people died, and injured on the incident.

I think the government needs to find a way to help the victims, the people even needs to find a way to help the victims, this is not a time for blaming people or company, or organizations.

These people who went to ultra, to celebrate the first year anniversary of the so called wowowee, just wanted to entertain themselves, or at least tofind an opportunity to get some extra cash(from prices). But sad to say, there was this incident.

It’s not good to blame people, it’s better to find what was the causes of the incident and find solutions, device necessary actions and make sure not to let this happen again, will that make the issue better?


1. andrew01riza - February 16, 2006

Yes i agree, what is the sense of blaming others when you realy dont know what happen, just try to put your side on the blame part. maybe you would feel the same way as ABS-CBN.

And for me i think a tragedy will always be an accident,. lolz