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What is Google Sandbox? August 21, 2006

I recently read another post about this topic, and here’s some few explanations supporting my first Article, GoogleSandbox is Gone. I’ll get to the point this time without thinking the Sandbox Existed in anyway.

A Sandbox, as i understand that is the testing ground for developers. I think I have read that somewhere what a sandbox means, just stick to that Idea, I decided to believe that way from the time I have read that myself. lol. Because if you don’t, you might get several misconceptions about what the google sandbox, being your site not ranking or being not indexed or your site being hidden in a cage for a period of a million years.  Funny I cause I believed that before. But then I no longer consider these to be true as I happened to make a site Get Indexed and have made it crawled by Google in as fast as 1 Day.

Although true when I was new in the search engine world, It might quite sometime before yoursite gets Index and crawled by google but it’s worth the experience!. Some others say that google sandbox is something like a queing pool where they put your site in, and during that time you don’t get rank on your keywords at a certain period of time from the day you register your domain up until a period of 18 months or even longer.. what a bunch of misleading understanding… This is just a theory that webmasters created out from their curiousity since google is not telling anything about this or what ever related to it. I believe Matt Cutts said that somewhere in his blog hehe…

If you wanted to get listed fast, make sure you have a fair content good enough to make sure there is something that the googlebot would crawl, if there is nothing, why would you bother getting yoursite indexed and rank anyway? unless you are creating a doorway page *uhummnnn* then most probably google would think you are trying to build another tricky page, In that case you might get some delay on your site before it gets re-indexed. One thing I realized is that Sites with few pages are harder to Get Crawled that those with more pages. Why? I dunno… maybe Googlebot is counting the pages??? 🙂

Anyway to get things straight, there are two things you really need to consider. First you need to put contents on your site, design can come later. put as many pages (i mean quality unique pages), that will make google like your site and might decide to give you some advantage over the others who have a single page (having those funny crazy under construction animation messages). There are even cases where I see these pages saying “please come back soon”! When google sees that, when do you expect it to return? Soon! probably the next day or the next month or even the following year! hehe just kidding…

Secondly, Find a way to get your pages get Indexed by google. Getting Indexed can be very fast, probably within an hour or day. Some get indexed in a few months to years… these sites are weird. How would you be able to get your site indexed? Easy, make sure you have a link from another site to yours. Not just another site, this site must have already be actively crawled by google. Not those sites that are crawled once in to or three months…

Now to give you an Idea, if google crawls that site where you linked. You will get indexed the first time it sees your link. The second time it visits the site and the bot again noticed your link, depending on the page variables, you might get crawled, if not the second time probably the 3rd or forth and so forth… So you must have several links pointing to you… why not put an article related to your site and publish it on a Highly Respected Article Directory? This way, If google finds your link there, he can assume that you are most worhty for a good visit.

Hopefully you get the notion of there is no such thing as google sandbox, In the above scenario I just mentioned. Have a nice day!


1. jong - August 30, 2006

woot. Hey randy, I agree with you. Maybe the key is to really put a good content and linkbacks…

I think my tennis forum needs a SEO.. hehe whatcha think?

2. randy - August 31, 2006

yes, you will need quite a good SEO and soon you wake up having many visitors and eventually forum members, especially those who really are interested in tennis 😀