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Web 2.0 Apps April 5, 2006

Oppsss! you might be wondering what are these, i am posting here several web 2.0 Application i found on the web just keep me updated on few new applications aside from the populcar ones lick flickr, and others….

If you think you can share an insight on the listed applications, you can leave a comment to them, i’ve separated them on a different subject line for that purpose…  =)


1. peachyherrin - April 8, 2006

check this out… it’ll occupy your time til after holy week… 🙂

2. admin - April 8, 2006

nice list… bat tinawag na mother of all Web 2.0 lists?

i still don’t find any Filipino based Web 2.0 applications yet, though i believe Philippine IT Developers would soon show up on popular web 2.0 application.

would be excited to know and support a filipino made. 😀

3. peachyherrin - April 8, 2006

i already posted three pinoy-made web2.0 apps – yung ke luis… check it out sa http://www.pinoyweb2.com – but i didn’t elaborate on it like what you did though…feel free to add on it….. nasa “discussion” sa nakalagay…. thanks… :)…iho…. 😉

4. admin - April 8, 2006

haha oks! pinoy version ng digg? lol…