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Windows Vista – just another microsoft owned user dissappointment September 17, 2007

It’s been quite a few weeks since i owned a windows vista box, but haven’t got a chance to use it since then because it gave me a hard time trying to figure out the new style. i just thought at first it was about the way it was designed or i am still getting used to it. (trying to think positively it is great!)

Few weeks after, I decided to use it, to my dismay i realized it being a total dissappointment. :-s.

Few of the reasons come as follows:

does not remember dreamweaver settings. most of my dreamweaver settings are being reset each time i do a system restart. i don’t get it, makes a hell out of my time, do i have to memorize every password just to use this stupid crap? oh c’mon….

the crap has horrible program menu. the program menu was horribly designed to fit to the new scrolling crazy small menu box! – well i know if you are already familiar with it you can just simply tweak it to look the classic windows menu style – but what the heck is all about?

the paid crap. the vista box was paid and now, i’m back to using windows xp – i’m even starting to have having all these licenses is it worth it? I hope i can just go back to where this box was purchased and have them replace it with something more reliable – probably a mac maybe – but that just doesn’t solve the problem. and it ain’t gonna help :-s.

getting more headaches from a crap. i still want to find several other head ache solutions but what the heck? i wanted to give up for the moment – i really feel sorry for myself and those hundreds others who purchased this crap, i think by now people will stop buying this crazy product anyway.

when i was in my first few months in computing, back when a windows installer is still archived in diskettes – i had an impression that microsoft windows was designed to be user friendly, but i think they are trying to forget what user friendliness means… might as well tune myself for mac next time.


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