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smart wifi, is it a smart move? March 9, 2006

Smart wifi, is a new internet broadband connectivity which allows a user to connect to the internet using a wireless device, was launched mid 2005. hmmm could it be a smart move for user to subscribe?

Smart wifi is quite useful to mobile users who’s task might pop out even when they are travelling. Also for those who think budget is a priority. But might be sacrificing speed on some occassions.

I planned to get one for myself since i often travel to baguio, havent tried it yet, but since i don’t have a phone line at home, and don’t want to pay extra bills on unused services. i bet this could be quite a smart move for mobility.

Smart wifi is not recommended if it’s for a business purpose though, although smart says the service can max upto 128kbps, the speed depends on the users geographical location. There are several factors that affect wireless technologies, and home and business users might reconsider the stability of wired connection vs. wireless.


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