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Search Engine Placement February 14, 2006

a friend of mine asked me today about how to have his site show when someone do a search google. And this was not the first time i’ve encountered such a question. The answer maybe simple but if we take it seriously, the question really relate on search engine placement, or let’s say search engine optimization. Cause for sure, the next question that comes after the first will be, how will i be listed first, or at least be on top on google searches.

He was able to follow some basic search engine optimization job like putting some keywords on meta tags, add description on meta tags etc., and he waited months and months but his site doesn’t seemed to be indexed by google… what’s wrong? You think you know? But to in essence even if he has done modifications on his site, he forgot
to do one thing, to inform google that his site exists! Why? of course if your not going to inform google that your site exist in the web, he wouldn’t find it, even your friends won’t know that you have a site, if your not going to tell them. correct?

Anyway, to get started. let’s rewrite the question a little to fit a more appropriate question for this purpose. So, How do we let google know that a particular site exists?

The basic things most webmaster does is submit their site to google, site submission will help google know about the existence of your masterpiece. Though, of course, don’t expect that google will crawl your site once your submit it to google. But, it will be added to google bot’s site pool, this pool is a queue of urls which google bot will be crawling in the future.

 In the Future?

Yes! in the future, think about it, if you submit a site today, how many people in the world might be submitting their site daily? So, to cut it short you might again wait for months before google crawls your site and have it indexed.

Is there another way to let google know that your site exists? Yes! the other way would be to have your site advertised from popular sites. Why should you? because google often visits popular sites more often than new ones. So if you are able to put a link to your site on these sites, then you can speed up the process, and have google crawl on your site faster than submitting it drectly to google’s pool.

These were just some of the basics to google placement =)

Have a nice day!


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