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Search Engine Optimization Secret Tricks that threats! February 21, 2006

While wondering the world wide web, surfing my way searching for some tricks to get listed FAST on google, there i realized that many sites would claim to have a secret trick on getting listed real fast! wow thanks great you think? well some tricks i found seem to be true and they really sound good to be true, yes they are! although if you only read guidelines, and put time to study search engine stratetigies, you will then find out that these tricks can cause your sites to be banned from the google! and eventually losing lots and lots of traffic. surprised? hell yeah!

Like i said, before doing any dirty tricks consider finding a few minutes reading and internalizing the guidelines provided by google for inclusions sake. Investing on those kind of tricks are famous in the early stages of the search engine market, but today, search engines are now more intelligent, they are now able to detect dirty tricks.

Why do people do it?

Most webmasters think they can gain fast results through these tricks, and can give them fast revenue. these tricks are probably good for sites that only seem to last a few months. If you want to have a long term results, stay on the proper path. follow the guidelines, give sometime developing good skills, they will benefit you more than you’ll ever think.


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