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search engine optimization – an amazing race February 26, 2006

it was the first time, that our team joined an SEO competition, at first, it would really seem a little easy, if you’re an expert, might have been easy, if you are a web owner, might probably easier. last february 24th, 2006 we joined an SEO Competition, the race for keywords “cpayscom online casinos”, and while setting up the kick start for the official entry, i realized a lot of things. one is, if i have only started this start up pages before, it would have been easier for me to rank against the competitors, now i’m two months behind, but that’s where the thrill lies, if we losed, we never lost any, but gained more. if we win, we just have just surpassed the magical amazing race.

i think it would be a little impossible for me to win such a race this time, but who knows, even there are lot’s of experts around, there must’ve been some skills or resources i have that might take us up in the long run, what ever the case maybe, the results will be, a pile of knowledge.

why would we join such a race anyway? to test our skills, to enhance, find what is lacking, and correct them. the price will help this search engine optimization learning more exciting anyway.

for those who would like to offer their help for the race against the cpayscom online casinos, please feel free to link our official entry to your pages, once you’ve done the link, please send us a quick note, with your url, we might gladly add you up in our directories.


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