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retsambew dash klat for charity May 2, 2006

The Search Engine World is becoming as popular as it seemed these days, just happened to be scavenging the world wide web when again i found out that there is another SEO Contest which was launched 3rd of april 2006, and ends on 01 September 2006. How nice, i did not intend to join at first but one of the rules says a link must be create for charity, and an official entry must be a new domain name, and i have lot’s of them!

Good i can use one of myfavoured domains for during the contest period and by the time the contest ends, i might already have a good traffic for it. How clever!

The SEO Contest is retsambew dash klat for charity, for charity? I think they designed this SEO Contest to promote Charity. Whatever their reasons are, i think it sounds great to join the fun. What’d you have to lose anyway?

Okay to much for that visit my site and list as many Charity links as you can, it’s free! here it is retsambew dash klat for charity.


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