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PLDT DSL Sucks don’t you think? April 18, 2006

i’ve long been a subscriber of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone), and kept saying nothing against them, but things aren’t really tolerable when you are living in the cyberworld. Sometimes it’s better to speak what you have inside to relieve the pain you gained from the headaches of being an unsatisfied customer.

Why do i think PLDT Sucks?

Being a subscriber of PLDT, the service provider (PLDT, Philippine Long Distance Telephone not pldt.com) should be provide a facility that really is able to help and provide a fast support to their subscribers in times of trouble. Yes they have a customer support group, i think just another call center located elsewhere, but are not really capable of helping subscribers, they suck the same way as PLDT DSL itself. If you try calling their customer support, you will be routed to a specific group depending on the type of your inquiry. Sounds good? The sad thing is that, when you call them, it takes you forever just to dial, nobody is answering, and sometimes when someone answers, they can’t even give you a good answer. how lame.

Why should i not disconnect from them, if PLDT DSL service really suck?

Good question, the unfortunate idea comes in place:

So why should i think PLDT Sucks?

PLDT Sucks due to the fact that the company knew things like above that is why they don’t bother about improving their customer support facilities. I found many people, complaining about PLDT, even if you search google or some other search engines on the keywords “PLDT SUCKS” you can find numerous results.

to bad i can’t do anything at the moment, Although am working out quite a few solutions, i will be posting possibile options for those irritated subscribers out there, that is if i found a better service. If you have some suggestions, please leave a comment.

Life sometimes sucks! the sad thing is sometimes you have to live with it. this is true with PLDT who really sucks 🙂


1. madshock - April 21, 2006

try something new like globelines broadband… compare the difference between the two, besides there’s no harm in trying. Just choose which one is better. There are other players aside from these.

2. admin - April 21, 2006

most recommendations i get for the past few months really was globelines, i haven’t heard anything good or bad about them at the moment though, probably because they are still new. maybe… i’ll check that out.. thanks for the recommendation… are you with them?

3. madshock - June 14, 2006

yes! I’ve been to both PLDT and Globelines… our company have shifted from PLDT to Globelines due to services frustrations (services sucks and when downtime comes you may spell the word “suck” with the 1st letter changing to… “F” u know what it means hehe)

4. chedi - August 18, 2006

we just subscribed with the pldt myDSL a few weeks ago. it started out well… good speed however, the modem broke off after a few weeks. the dsl light remains unlit up to now. we have been calling the hotline for almost a week now, following up at least 3x a day. they promised to send a technician which until now, show no signs of even trying to call. so far, the hotline has been useless & we feel hopeless that the said technician doesn’t exist at all. THEIR SERVICE SUCKS BIGTIME! what can helpless consumers like us do? we pay for service we don’t even get. until now we’re using a dial up and at the same time, paying for a broadband connection we don’t have.

5. dhundee - August 19, 2006

don’t forget to tell the slow customers that you have been down for that period of time. I believe they will refund a certain amount and credit it on your next billing. If they don’t go directly to their office explaining the situation.

6. madshock - October 10, 2006

i think one of the best way is to shift to another broadband provider. I just don’t know if PLDT is caring for their customers. Being a subscriber for a service like this, I think we have the right to terminate subscription if their services are found misleading and irresponsible. Another thing, try to go to the head office in personal so that you can talk to someone because their hotline is not a hotline anymore but more on downline. Visit their office and talk to the person in charge for their broadband and tell them that if this will continue… it’s better to cut the subscription. They don’t pay for your losses… they only care for their billings.

7. rodi - August 27, 2007

Guys, u have to assess Globe DSL first prior to applying for a line. For your information, currently, im using Globe DSL under their Taipan
(P 5000+) Package which promised to provide bandwith speed of up to 3MB. To my dismay, after 4 months of my daily complain calls they haven’t acted on my problem. U know what? Last friday August 24, i found out that they cannot provide such speed based on the report of their IT provided to their customer complaints investigation unit. Therefore for the past months, Globe is short returning the money i’m paying to them. HAYUP! GANID! DEMONYO! REALLY SUCKS! I HOPE ONE DAY MASUNOG ANG BUILDING NG GLOBE. By the they our place in is new manila quezon city,