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Philippine Internet Public and Web 2.0 March 26, 2006

It’s been a time since i last posted on this blog. Then again, i’m still with the Web 2.0 hype. Tracking down alot of stuffs for updates and new things to learn. Then came across abe’s blog yugatech about philippine situation for Web 2.0.

As my stand on the comments on that blog, my point ends up still on a two-fold question on Philippine Familiarity on Web 2.0, two sides. The consumers and the developers. The developers per se, concerns programmers, writers, technologists, bloggers and such. Consumers are those general internet public.

Of course, Web 2.0 isnt just about technology, that’s right. That includes the social aspect, the culture and if ever, lifestyle.

So are we ready? well on the consumer part. They are whenever, wherever. The developers? i don’t think so. but yet. we will someday. As one kabarkada blog comment “what the pinoys can offer using web 2.0 as a framework that is not offered yet, or can compete at least in some level..” Are you we yet that innovative to create something creative? I see some Israelis now doing alot of Web 2.0 Social WebApps. And I am interested to see some here also.

As to developer preparation. More evangelism has to be done by existing pinoy Web 2.0 companies through training, events and stuff. And publicizing more of outsourced pinoy work. We may have been developing Web 2.0, but indirectly through our clients outside. So It’s nice maybe to see more Applications directed on the philippine market.


1. peachy - March 27, 2006

i totally agree with you about the evangelization as you call it for our local developers. comprehensive and indepth trainings on web2.0 programming languages are too expensive and not to mention, its either in SF or silicon valley or australia – in other words, rarely are trainings conducted here (i saw only one so far and that is just a half day thing). that is why our company, pandora squared (www.pandorasquared.com) is conducting a three-day comprehensive training workshop on web 2.0 (see url) – whic will cover not only the programming languages but advanced seo and social software as well. and i am inviting you and your team to this training (if you’re a group, we have special rates for you guys). you might also want to sign up at http://www.pinoyweb2.com – an online community for pinoy web 2.0 followers and everybody else. the site is web2.0-based running on ruby on rails, and as a web2.0 feature, it is user-centric and user-generated content site. so we would really appreciate if you ad your team also join the pinoyweb2.0 community and share your thoughts and ideas. 🙂