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mySpace.com banned from College students April 23, 2006

mySpace.com is a social networking hub (just like friendster.com) with over 72 million subscribers allows internet users to search profiles, share ideas and photos.

CORPUS CRISTI, Del Mar College bans mySpace.com for eating too much bandwith resources, most students on the college seemed to be addicted on the mySpace.com causing other users to complain about sluggish Internet speed on campus computers.

This is one interesting fact that proves community applications that targets the teens are having more traffic than most other applications. Check out more about the story. Link provided below. 

Source: college bans mySpace.com to free up bandwidth


1. Debra Holtz - June 19, 2006

I am very interested in knowing how I can make my voice heard, as to helping to totally ban myspace.com from the internet. I have good, responsible teenagers, but this is an element that is not conducive to their well-being – out of sight, out of mind. Any further information would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

2. Kabarkada - June 19, 2006

that’s next to impossible, i would suppose, and if it does, another will simply pop-out and the same issue will bring another and another. I would think that some rules to avoid it would help, but we can’t stop people from using it.

I noticed several establshing putting up several rules to block several applications like these on their respective areas, but they can’t ban users, since they can always use the their own connections, public internet shops and others….

A good approach is to educate stutents, show them what is good for them, teaching them what is better, looking for a replacement is best suitable for issues like these.