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Kill multiple windows process forever! March 13, 2008

I know i’ve posted this article before, but i’m going to post it again anyway, since i’m going to abandon my the old trash i’ve created on that side of the world wide web. And! i believe many of you haven’t read this article anyway so enjoy! It’s been quite a while since i last posted an article here so uhmn… here’s a recycle of my previous thoughts…

I was reading a blog which states “KillProcess 2.32 is a free tool that allows you to kill multiple Windows processes with just a mouse click. “, sorry i forgot about the link, anyway, Kill multiple Windows process with just a mouse click! how great. what if your pc hangs? can it handle it?

I often believe that the best things in life are free, the fastest way to kill multiple process or even to kill your computer is to remove the PLUG that’s it! Why do you have to worry about problems to pops out from this piece of machinery of the only solution is to shut it off?

Oh i got an idea, what if it comes back whenever you turn your computer on? Good Question! I have an interesting thought that will really shut your problem forever, Although requires some relaxation.

First, you need to relax, meditate and forget all that troubles away….Open the window and smell the freshest air you could ever smell… make sure you have open the window wide enough to let the fresh air enter your room. Now Look nicely to your computer, then start throwing this piece of machine out the window. Why do you have to turn it on again anyway?
To be sure that you won’t have the same problem ever again, remember not to buy any computer ever again! and enjoy your life!
I hope you enjoy reading my tip of the day for if you start applying it, you might not be able to read it up ever again. :D Have a fun day!


1. edcarsky - September 2, 2009

what the f@!#$@*&%!!!, nice one jeck!!! i totally agree!!! you dont have to waiste your time and money in nonesense computer, again i agree and helping you to throw as many, i like this blog!!! hehehe!!!

2. Randy - September 2, 2009

cool thanks for visiting the blog!