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Kabarkada Summer Promotions May 4, 2006

I’ve been thinking over this for a while wether or not to provide but i think i would, there’s nothing to lose anyway. Besides Kabarkada’s clients are the ones keeping us in this business. Team Kabarkada is dedicated to provide you the most comprehensive set of products at the lowest pricing. We would like to inform you of our new exciting summer promotions. Below is a summary of all our currently running promos and special offers.

.ORG and .INFO Domain promo

You can now avail of .ORG and .INFO Domains at an amazing PHP 150.00!!! Promo lasts upto 30th June 2006.


For more information on this promotion, please refer to: http://www.kabarkada.net/promos/


1. pinoyako - May 10, 2006

I am not that much knowledgeable about IT.

But what does it mean to register .ORG and .INFO domain names?

Is it just about the right to use a domain name?


2. admin - May 10, 2006

.ORG and .INFOare Domain Extensions the same with .COM or .NET of you are familiar with them. To the simplest, it is the extension you often see to several domains like kabarkada.COM or hotmail.COM, registering one requires you to know what you exactly needed for the domain and a name you needed, for example your-company.COM or your-organization.ORG or something like that. 🙂