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Isulong SEOPH Awarding Night October 1, 2006

Congratulations to SEO Philippines First Year Anniversary celebration, it’s a success along with the isulong seoph contest.

Thanks for the friendly people who I met at the contest.

Btw, Major kontrapelo, just give me a note to claim your domain and hosting prize!

All the Winners! Contragulations!


1. major - October 2, 2006

I’m still thinkin of a nice domain man…. 🙂 will inform you later!!!

2. randy - October 2, 2006

yes, just let me know

congratulations! major kontrapelo hehehe

3. major - October 4, 2006

philsportstalk.com na lang pre!

send me details at zbdalisay@gmail.com

salamat…. 🙂

4. peter - October 27, 2006

i still don’t understand how the contest was won.