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is google sandbox effect really gone? June 6, 2006

What is Sandbox effect? you might ask - sandbox effect has been around for a couple of months, or a few years as i can understand being new to this technology. The sandbox effect has been referred to an idea that a newly created websites specifically domains that have been newly registered to have their ratings on hold or placed on a delaying queue until an the time is deemed appropriate before a ranking can be applied to that site or domain. 

I recently posted an article that says google sandbox is gone. Since most webmasters believed much of the sandbox effect and relates to so much on the listing on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). If my understanding is correct i would assume that this so called sandbox or holding period has been lessen, or should i say, indexing period is now almost a snap!

 Check out the article at Google Sandbox is gone!


1. isulong seoph - June 7, 2006

hi there!

You might want to check this out:http://www.seobook.com/archives/001693.shtml

matt cutts mentioned about the whole notion of the sandbox thing.

download the file and listen to it.

2. benj - Isulong SEOph - September 18, 2006

Kaya ba? Laban pa, pwede pang magbago ang SERPs pag nag dancing ang Google bago mag Sept 30. 😀

See you there!

3. randy - September 18, 2006

hahaha yeah… kaya pa yan lol….