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How to find valuable contents as soon as they happen. April 26, 2006

I wasn’t really fond of emailing people requesting them for help or something, but this time i was really curious about the niche i am building, The Small Business Philippines and  Small Business Forums. I tried to research on that subject and watched over the small business keyword, until i came across a very nice article about a business guy who is asking about having an offshore business in the Philippines, offering low-cost drafting services to U.S. engineering and architecture firms. The article was entitled “MIND YOUR BUSINESS Starting offshore operation? Check out the competition first” written by Ilana DeBarre, a Business Reporter/Columnist of San Francisco Chronicle, on Wednesday, April 26, 2006.

Having read her article, and found her to be highly knowledgeable on the subject, i tried inviting her (without hesitation) if she is available and join the forums i am building. (the Small Business Forums). And to my suprise she responded to me politely, although she can’t be able to join the forums due to several tasks she might have in there. But what interests me so much on writing this article is about her question regarding me finding her article which is less than a day old.

“By the way, I’m curious how you found my article. Did someone email it to you? Or did it come up in a search? I’m always curious how people around the world find our stuff.”

And after reading her question, i replied to her that Google Alerts send me a link about here article. Yes, Google, Again! I have been using google alerts for a long time not realizing it’s use until the first time someone asked me about it. By placing certain keywords you want to be alerted for in Alerts, google will notify you depending on the schedule you want Google Alerts send notifications to you. In my case I selected News and Web for the target and “as it happens” on the schedule. That simple. But of course you need a Google Account to be able to use this facility just like any other tools such as adsense or adwords. You can visit Google Accounts to create a new account, and activate alerts after setting up the account, then manage the keywords you want to watch.

You might be wondering if these links Alerts is providing you are reliable?

Of course that comes with your own judgement, Reliability of content can easily be recognized when you navigate through the site and noticing originality on their contents, that comes with the way the writer speaks themselves on that topic. How they credit the people which influenced the writing or related.

If you want to read Ms. Ilana’s article please follow this link to MIND YOUR BUSINESS Starting offshore operation? Check out the competition first


1. pinoyako - May 10, 2006

I believe this is a brilliant idea.

I hope my stay here will give me some business opportunities.

One good way to help the country move forward.

Good luck to all of us!