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Globe Subscribers: Cannot send email? February 20, 2009

Hi again everyone,

It’s been quite sometime when one of our clients and me we’re trying to figure out why he wasn’t able to send email, when all others are. Quite interestingly, he is having the same issue when he is on his office or at home.

He even came to a point where  he purchased a new router, thinking that the router was the problem.

While trying to resolve the issue, i remembered a problem that i’ve encountered with smartbro wireless few years ago. That is, the port 25 was explicitly blocked in their network, unless you use their own smtp server.

So we came to a conlusion that Globe might have done the same.

So what we did was to change his smtp port from the regular smtp port 25, to ssl smtp port 465. Yes, we activated the SSL port. And finally he as able to send email.

In case you’re a globe broadband subscriber, you may need to consider these settings. Works on our mail servers if you are hosting with us 🙂
if you are using gmail, use their smtp port which is 587.


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