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Free Page Rank Tool April 23, 2006

I was playing with my site (dhundee.com) for a few days now, while i was thinking what to add on the site to further it’s usability, i came up a with a cute little tool, that most if not many young webmasters love to add on their site. They do love nga ba?

Anyway, i’ve created this tool just merely to increase incoming links for my seo competition entry to the carcasherdotcom seocontest race. First, it was merely running on my site. But it really looks obscure and not so friendly, so i’ve decided to make it usable for others, unfortunately my second version isn’t as good as i expected, since you have to modify the html code for each new page your are adding. So i decided to recreate, using javascript, so you just merely need to copy the code into your website to have an instant page rank check!

Then this morning while looking at the code, i realized that i can simply eliminate the javascript code and manipulate the checker itself to check the Page Rank of what ever page running it. Now I believe, it is on a mature state. Check out the tool PR Tool Here


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