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Essentials of SEO/SEM in the modern Business June 20, 2006

I am excited to share with you my thoughts about a few questions raised by a Filipino Research Team, Posted in SEO Philippines discussion group, working on the site hospitalitynet.org, their aim is to promote Filipino Talents in the Search Engine Arena. Here are the basic the questions followed by my thoughts. I would appreciate any comments, critics and ideas about it.

How does SEO or SEM help today’s entreprenuer or company to achieve success in business?

A website is very essential to modern day business, for any individual or company aspiring a success on their chosen field, i can say is a cheap marketing engine that can bring forth tremendous results if used properly.

A website is like a personalized newspaper, a showroom, catalogue in it’s soft copy version. The website can be accessed by billions of users worldwide. And you don’t need to spend money to print billions of copies, and another money to send people these copies. People can access them directly from your host server. The good thing about it is that this powerful tool is you being it’s master. Being the owner of the website, you have the power to manipulate it’s contents, you can add/edit or even remove contents at anytime you wish.

The Internet on the other hand is the largest market you can even imagine in todays modern age, the cost of advertising is very low compared to it’s advertising adversaries. And you have a huge pool of possible consumers for your products and services out there just waiting to be offered and be informed about what you can offer. All you have to do is to exert the necessary effort to tame them, show them that you have the product or service they are looking for, through the magic of your simple yet powerful advertising tool, your website.

So how does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) help you?

SEO is a process you do to manipulate your website in such a way that in can attract as many customers as possible. Meaning your website should be able to attract those potential buyers all over the internet, that is Conversion. Search Engine Marketing on the other hand is like another marketing campaign you would do to make sure the SEO Process is doing what it is intended. You might even want to put up your own SEO and SEM Department which may work hand in hand together with your R & D, and Sales Department in your organization to research about the market condition, competition and and how you can jump into the arena to boost up customer signup and increase sales!

In what way is the output measurable?

No matter what field you are in, i can only think of one way to measure SEO and SEM and your website itself. Referring to my phrase above, your website must sell. so if your website does not earn you anything, it means your SEO/SEM Campaign is not as effective as it would seem. And it’s as good as not having any website at all…

How do you describe Filipino SEM’s and how good are they?

Hmmm i think Filipino’s already are on their mature state on Search Engine Marketing, I noticed several Entrepreneurs doing their business online, maximizing all possible tools necessary they can use to promote their businesses online. The way they promote their businesses can be thought off as basic sales skills, but in the world of information technology. That is Marketing.


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