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Designing your site for the Market March 23, 2006

In this new era of web technology, Internet Marketing has been a hype of Advertising solution and a great source of income for potential advertisers. I was doing several researchs on Search Engine Marketing, and just realized some possible good traits web developers, or web designers alike should actually been doing to maximize time.

Most SEO enthusiasts know how long it takes for a website, or even a page, to be indexed by Search Engines particularly google, msn and yahoo. Sometimes it takes from around a month up to six months even just to get listed!

Taking it from the development perspective, it will also take a couple of weeks or even months to get a good design for particular site to make you, the owner, to be fully satisfied on what you see.

Considering these two time frames, It would have been good if from the start of the design phase, SEO has been taken into consideration. Why not get your site up before you can upload the real site?  What i mean is, while gathering the necessary information for the site, it might have been good if you have an SEO Friendly page online, that would initially give what visitors could expect from your site when you are about ready to launch it. Optimized it, and have your SEO skills on it, by the time you are ready with the Graphical Design, you might already have a good list of visitors, and search engines have already been crawling your site.

This way you would have managed a small time efficiently….


1. wrencelot - March 25, 2006

as what i have noticed (or probably i am just not looking further) SEO here in philippines mostly focus on blogs trying to make the most out of google adsense revenues.. i dunno.. maybe its just me..

2. admin - March 26, 2006

I myself started out blogging here 2 months ago, blogs seemed to pop out, yes true, in fact i’ve seen a lot of filipino bloggers nowadays, probably because it’s one of the too obvious source of a work-at-home revenues… But still, others focus on their own services, trying to make some business out of their hobbies, trying to make out of what technology may have to offer… i assume these internet personals is just trying to make the best out what they can currently do fast, and since blogging is just a click away to setup, they tend to maximize their online presence with it.