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EARN from Kabarkada Interactive Web Design & Development March 20, 2009

Earning has never been easier with Kabarkada Interactives’ referral promotions.

Know someone who needs a website? Why not let them know about us, and when the customer signs up, you get an instant cash! Yes! That easy… refer your friends, business partners, or colleagues and we will give you 20% for each closed deal.

Who we are?

Kabarkada Interactive Web design and Development offers a one stop shop for your website needs. Whether setting up a corporate, service or a personal website. Kabarkada Interactive have the tools, skills and experience to help you get what you need.

Visit our website to know more about …

Learn to make CSS Based websites with PHP and AJAX from scratch workshop February 13, 2007

If you are looking for a workshop that combines the three latest technologies in webmosphere. Now here is your chance to learn from the experts.

On February 25,  You can learn how to make tableless CSS website from scratch, get started in PHP and move on to the basics of AJAX.

CSS based websites, can give you better cross-browser compatibility, portability and flexibility on most browsers, highly scalable designs, fast loading sites, better for SEO purposes and more.

AJAX gives you seamless integration of server-side scripting with client-side javascript. So you get to pull data from servers without page reloads.

PHP will …

Ruby On Rails Philippines ????? February 27, 2006

It seems like jason has his dreams on creating a Ruby On Rails Philippines User Group… Check Out His Blog on Design Amplified. Hope on what his planning turned out well since he is totally out of his mind!!!

updated by: randy (I’m taking the links out having found that the links on this post are already dead.)

Kabarkada and Web 2.0 February 26, 2006

So since Web 2.0, happens to be now the hype of the web. From traditional HTML to valid XHTML, from TABLES to DIVS, From font tags to CSS declarations. When we got Perl, then PHP and now Ruby On Rails. We have DHTML and now AJAX. We here at kabarkada we’ll be working out our own applications sooner under this circle. Putting out more architecture and design on top of each development.

Just like our buddy andrew here usually say “Work smart, not Harder”. Work-time, Training, Planning will not fit with each other if you don’t work smarter. Release Fast- Release …