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We are giving away FREE 1 Gb Hosting Space! August 17, 2006

Small Business Philippines forums in cooperation with Kabarkada Web Design and Hosting has started out a month and a half promotion to increase the Forum Memberships and Reward Outstanding members with their efforts to spread the word and Share Small Business and Home Based Opportunities through the help of the forums. The contest is open to all Filipinos.

To know how you can participate on the promotion, please follow the link to the contest rules and conditions.

isulong seoph seo contest is now live. May 31, 2006

12:00 PM Today, Marc Macalua Founder of SEO Philippines launched the isulong seoph seo contest giving away over 130,000 Philippine pesos to the winning entries. This SEO Contest Aims to test and enhance the Philippine SEO enthusiasts their skills towards the search engine optimization industry.

Contest mechanics can be found here.

retsambew dash klat for charity May 2, 2006

The Search Engine World is becoming as popular as it seemed these days, just happened to be scavenging the world wide web when again i found out that there is another SEO Contest which was launched 3rd of april 2006, and ends on 01 September 2006. How nice, i did not intend to join at first but one of the rules says a link must be create for charity, and an official entry must be a new domain name, and i have lot’s of them!

Good i can use one of myfavoured domains for during the contest period and by the …

carcasherdotcom seocontest study and race March 23, 2006

It’s been quite a while since my first official entry to the carcasherdotcom seocontest has been playing on top 50-60 of google results. Now to make the seo entry more interesting i’ve created another entry using a subdomain, and with pure css which validates correctly at jigsaw.

You can visit this CSS entry at carcasherdotcom seocontest page.

Although it would look a little unfair for the two to compete against each other my idea is to at least see which one would rank faster, a subdomain like the link above, or a table type entry (check out my first carcasherdotcom …

Designing your site for the Market

In this new era of web technology, Internet Marketing has been a hype of Advertising solution and a great source of income for potential advertisers. I was doing several researchs on Search Engine Marketing, and just realized some possible good traits web developers, or web designers alike should actually been doing to maximize time.

Most SEO enthusiasts know how long it takes for a website, or even a page, to be indexed by Search Engines particularly google, msn and yahoo. Sometimes it takes from around a month up to six months even just to get listed!

Taking it from the development perspective, it will also take …

search engine optimization – an amazing race February 26, 2006

it was the first time, that our team joined an SEO competition, at first, it would really seem a little easy, if you’re an expert, might have been easy, if you are a web owner, might probably easier. last february 24th, 2006 we joined an SEO Competition, the race for keywords “cpayscom online casinos”, and while setting up the kick start for the official entry, i realized a lot of things. one is, if i have only started this start up pages before, it would have been easier for me to rank against the competitors, now i’m two months behind, …

An SEO Competition – CPayscom online casinos February 23, 2006

Kabarkada has just entered into an SEO competition for the phrase “cpayscom online casinos” held by CPays.com. Although we’re getting in late and have thus lost a couple months to get the job done over our competitors but then … the thrill comes beyond what is expected.

The contest runs until July 1, 2006 with the top 50 on Google winning a prize and the #1 sites on Yahoo! and MSN also getting a “little something”. Of course we’re more in it to see if we can come from behind and take it. 🙂

Since we are behind most others, we decided to start from …