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carcasherdotcom seocontest study and race March 23, 2006

It’s been quite a while since my first official entry to the carcasherdotcom seocontest has been playing on top 50-60 of google results. Now to make the seo entry more interesting i’ve created another entry using a subdomain, and with pure css which validates correctly at jigsaw.

You can visit this CSS entry at carcasherdotcom seocontest page.

Although it would look a little unfair for the two to compete against each other my idea is to at least see which one would rank faster, a subdomain like the link above, or a table type entry (check out my first carcasherdotcom …

Designing your site for the Market

In this new era of web technology, Internet Marketing has been a hype of Advertising solution and a great source of income for potential advertisers. I was doing several researchs on Search Engine Marketing, and just realized some possible good traits web developers, or web designers alike should actually been doing to maximize time.

Most SEO enthusiasts know how long it takes for a website, or even a page, to be indexed by Search Engines particularly google, msn and yahoo. Sometimes it takes from around a month up to six months even just to get listed!

Taking it from the development perspective, it will also take …

Simply 301 redirect March 7, 2006

Most webmasters think that domain.com is actually similar to www.domain.com since the files are located on the same location, and these addresses are just pointed to the same files.

Search engines look at them differently and considers them duplicate pages and may affect these pages’ PR (Page Rank), eventhough they are logically stored on same location. To make the point clearer we can simply say that www is just a special case subdomain of the main domain, like anyother subdomain created for a different purpose mail, pop3, blog etc.

To be able to let the spiders know that these are not duplicate …

search engine optimization – an amazing race February 26, 2006

it was the first time, that our team joined an SEO competition, at first, it would really seem a little easy, if you’re an expert, might have been easy, if you are a web owner, might probably easier. last february 24th, 2006 we joined an SEO Competition, the race for keywords “cpayscom online casinos”, and while setting up the kick start for the official entry, i realized a lot of things. one is, if i have only started this start up pages before, it would have been easier for me to rank against the competitors, now i’m two months behind, …

Search Engine Optimization Secret Tricks that threats! February 21, 2006

While wondering the world wide web, surfing my way searching for some tricks to get listed FAST on google, there i realized that many sites would claim to have a secret trick on getting listed real fast! wow thanks great you think? well some tricks i found seem to be true and they really sound good to be true, yes they are! although if you only read guidelines, and put time to study search engine stratetigies, you will then find out that these tricks can cause your sites to be banned from the google! and eventually losing lots and lots of traffic. surprised? hell yeah!

Like …

Search Engine Placement February 14, 2006

a friend of mine asked me today about how to have his site show when someone do a search google. And this was not the first time i’ve encountered such a question. The answer maybe simple but if we take it seriously, the question really relate on search engine placement, or let’s say search engine optimization. Cause for sure, the next question that comes after the first will be, how will i be listed first, or at least be on top on google searches.

He was able to follow some basic search engine optimization job like putting some keywords on meta …

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