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Isulong SEOPH Web Promotion June 20, 2006

An Interesting Idea about the Isulong SEOPH Search Engine Optimization Contest is the huge pool of ideas created by participants, I have learned new technologies, tactics and even humourous content being used by several entries to promote their website.

Every participant have their own expertise, although they are all webmasters, they have different interests, through which you can notice when you visit their website. For example, you will notice that the creator of the Isulong SEOPH Internet Dictionary is a programmer, he used basically a simple close to web 2.0 type application to attack the link building arena.

Some uses Funny Comic …

How to find valuable contents as soon as they happen. April 26, 2006

I wasn’t really fond of emailing people requesting them for help or something, but this time i was really curious about the niche i am building, The Small Business Philippines and  Small Business Forums. I tried to research on that subject and watched over the small business keyword, until i came across a very nice article about a business guy who is asking about having an offshore business in the Philippines, offering low-cost drafting services to U.S. engineering and architecture firms. The article was entitled “MIND YOUR BUSINESS Starting offshore operation? Check out the competition first” written by Ilana DeBarre, a Business …

110 Million worth Government Portal? March 1, 2006

I came across a news Last Feb 6, by Erwin Lemuel Oliva on INQ7.NET about the Government Portal up for redesign, really kind of frustrating for a Filipino like me to know that the Government is about to over spend on such a project, not taking into consideration those people that are victims of natural disasters, etc.

Let’s take a look on some lines on the news:

“The CICT has allocated 110 million pesos for the redesign and development of a payment gateway for the government portal, which will soon incorporate all government-related services.” – taken from inq7.net

I know web developers, freelancers …

Ruby On Rails Philippines ????? February 27, 2006

It seems like jason has his dreams on creating a Ruby On Rails Philippines User Group… Check Out His Blog on Design Amplified. Hope on what his planning turned out well since he is totally out of his mind!!!

updated by: randy (I’m taking the links out having found that the links on this post are already dead.)

Peso dollar Rate tend to react to coup ‘d etat February 24, 2006

The philippine peso drops against the US dollar during those days when a rally was taking place is edsa shrine and some parts of the country.

If this anti government campaigns continues, the depreciation might continue upto 54 or even 55, especially when riots occur.