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PR Dance All Over the Internet July 20, 2006

With the latest Google PR Update, i’ve seen several new websites who increased Their Page Ranks mostly from PR 0 to Pr 3, and some an amazing PR 6. wow that’s an incredible jump! I wonder what has inspired most webmasters to talk about the sandbox thingy if new sites can go as far as these in a short period of time. think think think… wonder… wonder… wonder… oh well.. let’s just say sandboxes are only for those who are waiting for their sites to be crawled by simply creating websites with no incoming links 😀

 These new websites must have spent …

Isulong SEOPH Web Promotion June 20, 2006

An Interesting Idea about the Isulong SEOPH Search Engine Optimization Contest is the huge pool of ideas created by participants, I have learned new technologies, tactics and even humourous content being used by several entries to promote their website.

Every participant have their own expertise, although they are all webmasters, they have different interests, through which you can notice when you visit their website. For example, you will notice that the creator of the Isulong SEOPH Internet Dictionary is a programmer, he used basically a simple close to web 2.0 type application to attack the link building arena.

Some uses Funny Comic …

Link Building Guide June 14, 2006

I’ve been scavenging the web for a couple of months now for a good resource for link building, read lot’s of them and i found this one written by Jim Westergren, i found his guide to be very efficient and is a very nice resource which is why i would share them to all Kabarkada Blog Readers in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Visit Jim’s Link Building Guide Here, and many thanks to Jim =)