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Kabarkada Family February 16, 2006

Our Kabarkada Family, a team of five that is dedicated on their passion for web development, software and mobile. Creating new mediums for media and the web.

One Team leader that conquers all tasks and obstacles the group is facing in everyday duties, supportive, understanding and very dedicated on the team. He is well equiped on all administration facilities and tools, our source of help in all aspects of our jobs.

An Animator and designer who is very fun to be with in all day, having no dull moments for the team. He’s always there to cheer you up with a smile …

Kabarkada.com vs. Kabarkada ng ABS-CBN (studio 23)

I come across a point where, i realized many people think we are affilliated with abs-cbn or studio 23 or a fan club or something… Actually to clear this out, kabarkada is a team of young (mga gwapo hehe) and talented freelancers here in metro manila, group together headed by me. hehehe, so why kabarkada?

 we are not a studio 23 fan club, nor we are affiliated with abs-cbn, we were actually building up a community before when we started out finding names, that might be of good use for our project. so kabarkada is meant to be a community of …

Barkada Developments February 2, 2006

I tried evaluating our previous activities sa kabarkada, seems impressive, i think our last years efforts has already started to bring some results. We already have added more services, cpanel hosting, system developments, domain registrations, that i thought i will never engage 2 years ago.

Clients starts to appear! that’s the good about 2006, and comparing this month to last years results, what a big difference, i think i can count the no. of clients who signup with us last year on my bare fingies. now? i can tell we are growing(january pa lang yun ha hehe).

Team Kabarkada. More power to all …

The beginning! January 31, 2006

We’ll nothing to say much in here but a few things, first, i would like to congratulate myself for installing this nice simple application, second of course i would like to thank the makers of wordpress, you rock!

How this web log grow as time passes, welcome everyone!

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