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Windows Vista – just another microsoft owned user dissappointment September 17, 2007

It’s been quite a few weeks since i owned a windows vista box, but haven’t got a chance to use it since then because it gave me a hard time trying to figure out the new style. i just thought at first it was about the way it was designed or i am still getting used to it. (trying to think positively it is great!)

Few weeks after, I decided to use it, to my dismay i realized it being a total dissappointment. :-s.

Few of the reasons come as follows:

does not remember dreamweaver settings. most of my dreamweaver settings are being …

shopautodotca seocontest June 11, 2007

Just giving out a small help through a simple post for shopautodotca seocontest.

shopautodotca seocontest ends in four (4) days and this post may help someone to win it. Wether it can help or not, i’m posting it anyway lolz… good luck kabayan!

Article99.com article engine flaw February 9, 2007

It has been a few months since I installed a downloaded article engine from article99.com. But few days after I installed the program, my server started to get overloaded most of the times. I haven’t got a clue during the first few days, but I ended up suspending the account where I installed the article engine. Fortunately the problem stopped.

From out of my curiosity, I made the site avtive again when I got back I january to see if the problem will return, well it did returned and caused the server to become un responsive for quite several times. Of …

Google Adsense Updates Program Policy January 22, 2007

If you haven’t noticed, Google has updated Adsense Program Policy, to which I believe is quite a little more considerate this time. You may now place competing ads on a single page.

Although there is not that much of a change, make sure you review the updated program policies to avoid future issues.

Check out the details on the Adsense Blog and the program policy.

mySQL is NOT abandoning Debian January 5, 2007

In the recent slashdot article, which states that mySQL is deprecating DEBIAN, it was noted that the said information was a misunderstanding between a sales team and a DEBIAN costumer. Slashdot recently updated the article to clear the misconception, and a backing article could be read at linux watch about mySQL NOT abandoning Debian.

MSNbot useragent verification December 1, 2006

MSNBbot now provides a way to verify if the bot crawling your site is really from microsoft, you can check out micorosft blog on search engines in disguise on the detailed process on how they implemented it. Basically the same process as what Google have implemented few months ago which involves two steps, a reverse DNS lookup followed by a forward DNS lookup.

Could Yahoo implement the same strategy for the web?

YouTube Mobile Available November 29, 2006

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz over the past weeks that YouTube, one of the leading video sharing community at present, is going to launch YouTube Mobile in mid 2007. Although they have been promising that for the past few months, the deal seemed to have been cleared faster, and users can expect the service to be launch around December 2006. Users will now be able to view YouTube videos on their Verizon phones, and upload clips from a Verizon phone to YouTube. It’s thought that other carriers will jump on board very soon.

I wonder if local carriers(globe, …

Google sitemaps recognized by Yahoo! and Microsoft November 21, 2006

It’s amazingly true that the three giants collaborated on the sitemaps.org project recognizing google sitemaps file standard.

Google sitemaps was opened to webmasters around june 2005, allowing sites owners to feed pages for inclusion in Google’s Web Index with the hope that Google Sitemaps will help in gathering pages faster than the traditional crawling alone. These feeds also let site owners indicate how often pages change or should be revisited.

Having proved of it’s usefulness for both webmasters and Google since the day of it’s introduction, Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft acknowlegde it and launched a joint website called sitemaps.org, that includes …

Kabarkada’s very own Jeckx2.com wins the first isulong monthly raffle November 7, 2006

Congratulations to Jeckx2 for winning the first monthly raffle draw of the isulong seoph contest, his entry http://isulong-seoph.mylucena.com was lucky enough to win an 80Gb iPod =)

On the Photo is Jeckx2 holding the iPod with Ms. Kristine del Villar, HR. Manager for Lakeside technologies, the primary sponsor for the Isulong SEOPH seo contest. =)

Recent updates on the blog October 31, 2006

Due to excessive spams I receive on daily basis, I’ve locked the comments and have allowed only registered users to comment on entries.

I now also accept guest bloggers to post to this blog. =)

If you have other concerns just let me know, and let’s see what we can do about it.

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