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Learn how to earn massive passive income! June 22, 2011

How would you like to learn how to earn MASSIVE passive income from successful money makes and financial experts!

Learn the practical and proven business and investment strategies to generate multiple sources of MASSIVE passive income from the experts themselves. Attend the biggest wealth building and income opportunities conference in the Philippines, featuring 12 financial experts, real estate investors, and successful entrepreneurs.

Money Summit & Wealth Expo Manila
July 22-23, 2011
Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium
RCBC Plaza, Makati City

Money Summit & Wealth Expo Cebu
August 12-13, 2011
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel
Cebu City

Conference Fee
Regular Rate: P7,995
Early Bird Rate: …

Why do I need a website for my business? March 12, 2009

A website increases awareness about you, your business, products and services. A website will act as a 24/7 sales representative. And you website will act as an online business card! read futher at Why i need a website

Entourage: Cannot send email November 11, 2008

“Cannot send email. SMTP server does not recognize any of the authentication methods supported by entourage. Try changing the SMTP authentication options in Account settings or contact your Network Administrator”

I recently recieved complaints from entourage (mac users) with the above error message. In case you encountered the message. Try the following solution.

1. Go to Tools -> Accounts

2. double-click your account and click on the Advanced sending options button.

3. Disable any options EXCEPT “SMTP server requires authentication” and “Use same settings as receiving mail server”.

Your settings should be something like below:

* SMTP Service requires secure connection (SSL) is UN-Checked.
* Override default …

Finding web developers in Montreal: a daunting task? August 28, 2008

People in Montreal may not have recently asked the question: can you find a good web developer locally? The answer to this question is a resounding yes… and no.

It’s a yes because you can still definitely find topnotch web developers locally in Montreal, as the upsurge in online businesses has also triggered a corresponding increase in skilled online professionals, and Montreal is no exception to this. It’s a no, however, because people aren’t trying to find good web developers in Montreal, and the reason for this is the sheer quantity of work in North America being outsourced to other …

apache crashes due to high traffic

Although this wasn’t actually the all time solution, i’ll just post this to have a bit of solution to this problem. I used this due to some of the few reasons.

  • there are too much waiting http requests that apache is queueing up and ends up to a crash.
  • most of the requests gets timed out.
  • server resources is not maximized at all.
  • know the capacity of your server, experiment on these settings. ServerLimit – default setting is 256 MaxClients – normally equal to or less than ServerLimit Here are the default settings as far as i am concerned:

    StartServers …

    how to dump mysql database from command line

    From shell:

    mysqldump -h localhost databasename > filename.sql

    if you need to enter a password:

    mysqldump -h localhost -p databasename > filename.sql

    databasename is the name of the database you want to dump filename.sql will be the target fila of the dumped database

    Kill multiple windows process forever! March 13, 2008

    I know i’ve posted this article before, but i’m going to post it again anyway, since i’m going to abandon my the old trash i’ve created on that side of the world wide web. And! i believe many of you haven’t read this article anyway so enjoy! It’s been quite a while since i last posted an article here so uhmn… here’s a recycle of my previous thoughts…

    I was reading a blog which states “KillProcess 2.32 is a free tool that allows you to kill multiple Windows processes with just a mouse click. “, sorry i forgot about …

    We are looking for SEO/Content Specialist October 30, 2007


    – Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Marketing, Mass Communications, Advertising/Media or equivalent.
    – Must possess good written and oral communication skills
    – Basic knowledge Search Engine Optimization Knowhow
    – Applicants must be willing to work in Mandaluyong City.
    – Knowledgeable in HTML and CSS (not required but distinct advantage)
    – Able to work with minimum supervision.

    resumes may be sent to info AT kabarkada DOT net

    Receive paypal payments in the Philippines October 10, 2007

    This was the best news i’ve ever heard so far!

    October last year(2006) Paypal thrilled Online Entrepreneurs when they allowed Phillipine paypal accounts, though limited, allowing these accounts to only be able to Make payments or send money. That was also the time when i opened my limited Paypal account…
    Later this day, i got this news that you can now receive payments through your Philippine Paypal account.. that’s great huh? I rushed and logged into my paypal account and see if it’s true.

    I got a message that says:

    PayPal’s New Withdrawal Feature is Now Available!
    New! Withdraw Funds to Your Visa® …

    Philippine Hotel Reservations Services September 25, 2007

    Looking for a place this holiday season? or you need to stay a place while looking around for a property to buy? 

    Philippine Hotel Reservations Service offer unbelievable prices, and even beat prices hotels offered at the hotels when you visit as a walk-in guest. They have several friendly travel agents who will assist you to find the hotels suited for your vacation.

    It’s a good service if you to make sure you already have a hotel slot before you go out for that travel. Can’t say much give them a try! Visit their website at Philippine Hotel Reservations

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