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Blogparteeh 07 rundown January 29, 2007

It was quite a little not good for me that I got colds after the party, I was actually feeling unwell two three hours before the party but, I still went to the party, The party was great. And i’m glad to meet Jason and Andrew our former team mates.

I asked Jeckx2 if he wants to go the the party with me a night before but i think he has some personal appointment to attend. So I went to the party alone, anyway Jason and Andrew will be around so I’m sure i won’t be left alone in the middle of nowhere.

At the party was able to meet seoluv again, the ever desperately offering me a new deal again which I unfavorably accepted which turned out to be unsuccessfull in the end. 😀 sorry about that Mr. Rogers it wasn’t really meant for us don’t you think? hehe

It wasn’t really an ungrateful event afterall cause I was able to meet great people. Was able to converse with The great Major Kontrapelo who stayed with me during the party, cause we hadn’t been able to have a long conversation with during the isulong seoph conversation due to the fact he was held by her lovingly wife hehehe. just kidding zaldy 😉 you rock man, thanks!

The team from GMA News Media was also with us, If I remember Correctly they were Ms. Malou Mangahas, I got her call card, Abby… eerrrr.. i don’t think I can remember her lastname, and Mr. Jo Torres who was quite a comedian. They were a nice team.

Mr. Bo Sanches, the author of How to Find your one true love and You can make your life beautiful, was also with us. He also gave us ( i think mostly all of the participants ) a copy of the above mentioned books, haven’t got a chance to read them though, but it sure seems well worth reading.

oh before I forgot, I was able to meet Aileen Apollo, of Google, for the very first time. The Four Eye Journal blogger, J. Rocas and quite a lot more. I can’t remember them all that much, and hey, I enjoyed the party!

Contrats to the organizers, Yuga este Abe pala and team for a very successfull blogparteeh, I finally got to meet you hehe.

for the final blow, just as jason says nothing beats the taste! lalo na libre hehehe…but seriously, I enjoyed the krispy kremes myself, dapat nga titirhan ko si Jeck kaso hindi ako nakatiis naubus ko mwahahaha…

anyway.. the best of them all, I was able to meet someone whom I never imagined to be actually a real person hahaha, you got me there ha Marhgil? Now i was just proven wrong, Si Marc Macalua pala at is Marhgil Macuha eh dalawang tao… I thought it was Marc just having fun all along… lol…


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