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8 magical SEO Techniques comment or spam? March 29, 2006

I recently recieved a comment on my previous post in Kabarkada about the 110 million worth government portal, and had it moderated since I consider it to be spammy.

The interesting idea about the post was it being an article talking about the 8 magical SEO Techniques, so i decided posting quite a little comment regarding the action, and why i considered it as a spam.

First and foremost the article was posted as comment on an unrelated post, does it make any sense for me to allow an unrelated article as a comment?

The too obvious intent is to get a link back, talking about SEO Techniques and using it to spam people will make the post useless, who would ever believe you? Besides the Article describes few of the basic SEO ideas. I will have them listed here with my comments on each. Now i am going to teach you how to make a good content out of a bad technique 😀

1. Submit to as many quality directories, article sites and Press Releases as possible like this site submityourarticlesnow.com. While doing so the most important factor to remember is that all these should have a unique content and anchor text. As this is what I am using for several years successfully and which I am promoting as “The Magician’s Wand SEO Technique”.

Nice, the first technique obviously is promoting it’s own link, and telling people to go and submit their articles to submityourarticlesnow. I edited it slightly so it won’t link to the intended site.

2. Many people do submit articles to various sites and think there job is over. But if you really want your article to make headlines, you should make it as unique as possible like the title above which is “8 magical SEO techniques!” So now you know what this technique means.

True, you should make your articles as unique as possible, but not use them to spam people, good articles should be organic, and web marketers should think of organic linking not spamming.

3. Getting Linkbacks: Most SEO’s think the more the linkbacks the better the PR and SERP’s which is one of the most biggest rumours going around in the world of SEO.”.

The more the backlinks the better? I don’t actually believe that, you should always remember that backlinks for poor sites, does not affect your PR, having one quality backlink from a quality site is better than hundreds or even thousands of backlinks from useless and unrelated spammy sites.

4. Don’t place common anchor text on hundred’s and thousands of sites as these can be identified by Search engines as link spam or a Black hat technique.”.

Yes true, and by placing these article as a comment on my unrelated post may cause me more damage than good, besides is obviously a blackhat technique. agree?

5. Avoid Link Farms: Avoid sites which offer thousands of links instantly by placing a folder on your site. This is one of the worst methods of getting linkbacks. While submitting to directories, have a close look at the PR and the quality of the backlink.

6. Make use of all tags in your pages like title, description, keywords, header 1, header 2, alt of images by focusing on 10 main keywords for optimization.

7. Install a sitemap script for your website if it has thousands of pages and set a cron to update it daily if you wish search engine’s to crawl your site regualarly. You can find many such scripts on the internet today.

8. The more your websites content is unique the more chances are that it will rank at the top. So place your website content with some unbelivable words like for example - don’t spam using other people’s content.

hehe 5 is a basic Link Baiting agenda, well go ahead and get a grasp. 6th technique is a web site optimization, of course it does good, if you know CSS go and remove all unnecessary tags and use CSS, minimized the use of tags that bots don’t need to know. On the 7, i assume that 90% of webmasters does not have a shell access to their web host, and might possibly don’t even know what a cron is?

the last part, make your content as unique as possible and don’t spam other sites with other peoples articles… the article might have written by Clyde Barry, and i am not sure who posted it here, so my apologies to the writer for this critic, but someone (if not you) used your article to spam. And this is not a good way to generate linkbacks. Getting Linkbacks the organic way is still best.



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