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Finding web developers in Montreal: a daunting task? August 28, 2008

People in Montreal may not have recently asked the question: can you find a good web developer locally? The answer to this question is a resounding yes… and no.

It’s a yes because you can still definitely find topnotch web developers locally in Montreal, as the upsurge in online businesses has also triggered a corresponding increase in skilled online professionals, and Montreal is no exception to this. It’s a no, however, because people aren’t trying to find good web developers in Montreal, and the reason for this is the sheer quantity of work in North America being outsourced to other …

apache crashes due to high traffic

Although this wasn’t actually the all time solution, i’ll just post this to have a bit of solution to this problem. I used this due to some of the few reasons.

  • there are too much waiting http requests that apache is queueing up and ends up to a crash.
  • most of the requests gets timed out.
  • server resources is not maximized at all.
  • know the capacity of your server, experiment on these settings. ServerLimit – default setting is 256 MaxClients – normally equal to or less than ServerLimit Here are the default settings as far as i am concerned:

    StartServers …

    how to dump mysql database from command line

    From shell:

    mysqldump -h localhost databasename > filename.sql

    if you need to enter a password:

    mysqldump -h localhost -p databasename > filename.sql

    databasename is the name of the database you want to dump filename.sql will be the target fila of the dumped database