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Philippine Hotel Reservations Services September 25, 2007

Looking for a place this holiday season? or you need to stay a place while looking around for a property to buy? 

Philippine Hotel Reservations Service offer unbelievable prices, and even beat prices hotels offered at the hotels when you visit as a walk-in guest. They have several friendly travel agents who will assist you to find the hotels suited for your vacation.

It’s a good service if you to make sure you already have a hotel slot before you go out for that travel. Can’t say much give them a try! Visit their website at Philippine Hotel Reservations

Windows Vista – just another microsoft owned user dissappointment September 17, 2007

It’s been quite a few weeks since i owned a windows vista box, but haven’t got a chance to use it since then because it gave me a hard time trying to figure out the new style. i just thought at first it was about the way it was designed or i am still getting used to it. (trying to think positively it is great!)

Few weeks after, I decided to use it, to my dismay i realized it being a total dissappointment. :-s.

Few of the reasons come as follows:

does not remember dreamweaver settings. most of my dreamweaver settings are being …