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Blogparteeh 07 rundown January 29, 2007

It was quite a little not good for me that I got colds after the party, I was actually feeling unwell two three hours before the party but, I still went to the party, The party was great. And i’m glad to meet Jason and Andrew our former team mates.

I asked Jeckx2 if he wants to go the the party with me a night before but i think he has some personal appointment to attend. So I went to the party alone, anyway Jason and Andrew will be around so I’m sure i won’t be left alone in the …

Blog Parteeh ’07 January 23, 2007

I have been asked several times by friends from the blogosphere about this . But uhmmm think about it, it sounds like a good time to expand the friendly network, and have a small break from these oh busy days…

Check out some few good reasons on marc’s blog why you shouldn’t attent this parteeh.

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Google Adsense Updates Program Policy January 22, 2007

If you haven’t noticed, Google has updated Adsense Program Policy, to which I believe is quite a little more considerate this time. You may now place competing ads on a single page.

Although there is not that much of a change, make sure you review the updated program policies to avoid future issues.

Check out the details on the Adsense Blog and the program policy.

mySQL is NOT abandoning Debian January 5, 2007

In the recent slashdot article, which states that mySQL is deprecating DEBIAN, it was noted that the said information was a misunderstanding between a sales team and a DEBIAN costumer. Slashdot recently updated the article to clear the misconception, and a backing article could be read at linux watch about mySQL NOT abandoning Debian.