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What is Google Sandbox? August 21, 2006

I recently read another post about this topic, and here’s some few explanations supporting my first Article, GoogleSandbox is Gone. I’ll get to the point this time without thinking the Sandbox Existed in anyway.
A Sandbox, as i understand that is the testing ground for developers. I think I have read that somewhere what a sandbox means, just stick to that Idea, I decided to believe that way from the time I have read that myself. lol. Because if you don’t, you might get several misconceptions about what the google sandbox, being your site not ranking or being not indexed …

We are giving away FREE 1 Gb Hosting Space! August 17, 2006

Small Business Philippines forums in cooperation with Kabarkada Web Design and Hosting has started out a month and a half promotion to increase the Forum Memberships and Reward Outstanding members with their efforts to spread the word and Share Small Business and Home Based Opportunities through the help of the forums. The contest is open to all Filipinos.

To know how you can participate on the promotion, please follow the link to the contest rules and conditions.

ABS CBN Forums hacked? August 9, 2006

I was just surfing the internet last night, and thought of searching over some kabarkada keywords, and the kabarkada tambayan, the ABS-CBN forums appeared, so i decided to give them a visit myself.

Sadly speaking, this poor Invision Board powered forum has been compromised. I read thru members forums and most members think that Kapuso team (GMA 7) did these? whew… I have nothing to say about these… No wonder these guys must have a little or no knowledge in Internet security at all, blaming another competitor must have been the last Idea they would think of. Instead resolving the Issue …