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Simply wondering July 31, 2006

wow, days passes by so fast, and i found myself with so many unfullfilled plans. And it’s hard to provide reasons for not doing them, i found myself scapegoating, and lying to myself if i do so when in fact the real term is, i wasn’t been able to complete all. We are now approaching the christmas counting season.. haha by next month we will surely hear and see everywhere and everyone thinking about the christmas season, that’s the Philippine lifestyle.

Okay okay, what do I do now? get back to work you….. hehehe

PR Dance All Over the Internet July 20, 2006

With the latest Google PR Update, i’ve seen several new websites who increased Their Page Ranks mostly from PR 0 to Pr 3, and some an amazing PR 6. wow that’s an incredible jump! I wonder what has inspired most webmasters to talk about the sandbox thingy if new sites can go as far as these in a short period of time. think think think… wonder… wonder… wonder… oh well.. let’s just say sandboxes are only for those who are waiting for their sites to be crawled by simply creating websites with no incoming links 😀

 These new websites must have spent …

Search and Buy at Google July 17, 2006

Whew, it’s been a while since I last posted word here at Kabarkada Blogs, been busy with some SEO projects i’m dealing with at the moment. Can’t even get my hands on my Isulong SEOPH now too bad i’m already down to page two again. *sighs*

Anyway, what’s in for the day?

I noticed google checkout (checkout.google.com) is starting to shake the world of online payment, i recently read about an article about ebay trying to ban google checkout on their e aunctions? Does this mean ebay themselves are afraid of possible competition to their beloved paypal payment system?

We’ll It …