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How to find valuable contents as soon as they happen. April 26, 2006

I wasn’t really fond of emailing people requesting them for help or something, but this time i was really curious about the niche i am building, The Small Business Philippines and  Small Business Forums. I tried to research on that subject and watched over the small business keyword, until i came across a very nice article about a business guy who is asking about having an offshore business in the Philippines, offering low-cost drafting services to U.S. engineering and architecture firms. The article was entitled “MIND YOUR BUSINESS Starting offshore operation? Check out the competition first” written by Ilana DeBarre, a Business …

Small Business Philippines Forum April 25, 2006

Small Business Philippines aims to build a Community of Philippines Business Owners and Entrepreneurs merged together to develop, share and discuss business ideas with each other for mutual benefit or simply to help.

Why Join Small Business Philippines?

Small Business Philippines is a good place to share ideas and meet other Business Owners in different areas. If you are yet starting out a small business, you might get some advices from other members. Also, having involved in a business for quite sometime, you might find this helpful to meet new people to deal with, and get a broader idea about the market. …

Free Page Rank Tool April 23, 2006

I was playing with my site (dhundee.com) for a few days now, while i was thinking what to add on the site to further it’s usability, i came up a with a cute little tool, that most if not many young webmasters love to add on their site. They do love nga ba?

Anyway, i’ve created this tool just merely to increase incoming links for my seo competition entry to the carcasherdotcom seocontest race. First, it was merely running on my site. But it really looks obscure and not so friendly, so i’ve decided to make it usable for …

mySpace.com banned from College students

mySpace.com is a social networking hub (just like friendster.com) with over 72 million subscribers allows internet users to search profiles, share ideas and photos.

CORPUS CRISTI, Del Mar College bans mySpace.com for eating too much bandwith resources, most students on the college seemed to be addicted on the mySpace.com causing other users to complain about sluggish Internet speed on campus computers.

This is one interesting fact that proves community applications that targets the teens are having more traffic than most other applications. Check out more about the story. Link provided below. 

Source: college bans mySpace.com to free up bandwidth

Chernobyl:20 years later an interesting fact.

On 26 April 1986, at 1:23 AM, reactor number four at the Chernobyl nuclear power station exploded. The radiation released was over a hundred times more than that of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Excerpt from boing boing articles: chernobyl 20 years later

Quite an interesting fact, now i would know that chernobyl was not actually a virus who crashed millions of computers in April 26, 1999. It was a disaster caused by the explosion of Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant. I am unsure if i am the only one left who do not know about this. 

We have to …

A good piece of literary work April 21, 2006

Just this evening, i recieve a very nice letter about an aborted child and her mother. It really made me feel sorry about the children being aborted all these years. If there is something i can do to stop all of them i would, but i believe none, but to the hope of lessening these events, i wanted to share to you guys the email i recieved from an email group. I wouldn’t be putting his name as i think it was also forwarded to him. For the one who created this piece of work. I salute you!


Dear Mommy, 

I am …

PLDT DSL Sucks don’t you think? April 18, 2006

i’ve long been a subscriber of PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone), and kept saying nothing against them, but things aren’t really tolerable when you are living in the cyberworld. Sometimes it’s better to speak what you have inside to relieve the pain you gained from the headaches of being an unsatisfied customer.

Why do i think PLDT Sucks?

Being a subscriber of PLDT, the service provider (PLDT, Philippine Long Distance Telephone not pldt.com) should be provide a facility that really is able to help and provide a fast support to their subscribers in times of trouble. Yes they have a customer support group, i think just …

Getting the Digg Effect April 11, 2006

One of the thropies webmasters/developers been wanting today. Got digged! it criticize you. it scales your apps. it benchmarks. it pisses you. and makes your momma proud. I may say, i love Digg.com alot. i go there everyday. ANd one of the new news i got is this

“Surviving the Digg Effect” i wonder when this site(kabarkada.com) gonna have that. Check this out!


and comment of course


Domain Name Sale .info domain for only 100 Pesos April 7, 2006

I am thinking of selling info domain for only 100 pesos! if anyone is interested, please send us an email at info AT kabarkada DOT net… This price is available until 30th June 2006. There are absolutely no restrictions on the number of .INFO domain name registrations per Registrant. Some restrictions apply.

We might also give .info domains free on most of our web hosting packages!

We only accept bank and wire payments at the moment to UCPB, Unionbank and Banco de oro 🙂

Web 2.0 Apps April 5, 2006

Oppsss! you might be wondering what are these, i am posting here several web 2.0 Application i found on the web just keep me updated on few new applications aside from the populcar ones lick flickr, and others….

If you think you can share an insight on the listed applications, you can leave a comment to them, i’ve separated them on a different subject line for that purpose…  =)

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