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Search Engine Placement February 14, 2006

a friend of mine asked me today about how to have his site show when someone do a search google. And this was not the first time i’ve encountered such a question. The answer maybe simple but if we take it seriously, the question really relate on search engine placement, or let’s say search engine optimization. Cause for sure, the next question that comes after the first will be, how will i be listed first, or at least be on top on google searches.

He was able to follow some basic search engine optimization job like putting some keywords on meta …

Barkada Developments February 2, 2006

I tried evaluating our previous activities sa kabarkada, seems impressive, i think our last years efforts has already started to bring some results. We already have added more services, cpanel hosting, system developments, domain registrations, that i thought i will never engage 2 years ago.

Clients starts to appear! that’s the good about 2006, and comparing this month to last years results, what a big difference, i think i can count the no. of clients who signup with us last year on my bare fingies. now? i can tell we are growing(january pa lang yun ha hehe).

Team Kabarkada. More power to all …

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