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Ruby On Rails Philippines ????? February 27, 2006

It seems like jason has his dreams on creating a Ruby On Rails Philippines User Group… Check Out His Blog on Design Amplified. Hope on what his planning turned out well since he is totally out of his mind!!!

updated by: randy (I’m taking the links out having found that the links on this post are already dead.)

search engine optimization – an amazing race February 26, 2006

it was the first time, that our team joined an SEO competition, at first, it would really seem a little easy, if you’re an expert, might have been easy, if you are a web owner, might probably easier. last february 24th, 2006 we joined an SEO Competition, the race for keywords “cpayscom online casinos”, and while setting up the kick start for the official entry, i realized a lot of things. one is, if i have only started this start up pages before, it would have been easier for me to rank against the competitors, now i’m two months behind, …

Kabarkada and Web 2.0

So since Web 2.0, happens to be now the hype of the web. From traditional HTML to valid XHTML, from TABLES to DIVS, From font tags to CSS declarations. When we got Perl, then PHP and now Ruby On Rails. We have DHTML and now AJAX. We here at kabarkada we’ll be working out our own applications sooner under this circle. Putting out more architecture and design on top of each development.

Just like our buddy andrew here usually say “Work smart, not Harder”. Work-time, Training, Planning will not fit with each other if you don’t work smarter. Release Fast- Release …

Kabarkada Web Services

I was just thinking almost for two days now. Pondering of stuffs and ideas what to put here. And the first ones i thought about was Kabarkada Services! It’s kinda like a collection of Internet Services plugged into one site. One of the few ones i’ve thought was

Peso dollar Rate tend to react to coup ‘d etat February 24, 2006

The philippine peso drops against the US dollar during those days when a rally was taking place is edsa shrine and some parts of the country.

If this anti government campaigns continues, the depreciation might continue upto 54 or even 55, especially when riots occur.

An SEO Competition – CPayscom online casinos February 23, 2006

Kabarkada has just entered into an SEO competition for the phrase “cpayscom online casinos” held by CPays.com. Although we’re getting in late and have thus lost a couple months to get the job done over our competitors but then … the thrill comes beyond what is expected.

The contest runs until July 1, 2006 with the top 50 on Google winning a prize and the #1 sites on Yahoo! and MSN also getting a “little something”. Of course we’re more in it to see if we can come from behind and take it. 🙂

Since we are behind most others, we decided to start from …

Search Engine Optimization Secret Tricks that threats! February 21, 2006

While wondering the world wide web, surfing my way searching for some tricks to get listed FAST on google, there i realized that many sites would claim to have a secret trick on getting listed real fast! wow thanks great you think? well some tricks i found seem to be true and they really sound good to be true, yes they are! although if you only read guidelines, and put time to study search engine stratetigies, you will then find out that these tricks can cause your sites to be banned from the google! and eventually losing lots and lots of traffic. surprised? hell yeah!

Like …

wowowee and the stampede in ultra February 16, 2006

Quite a big issue these days, i really didn’t bother about this issue before but i came across a friend who mentioned to me again about this issue. Although kinda irritated, i kept on asking what’s her point, to blame the company? can’t say anything, then i just found out that she got her idea from a speech of Mr. Randy David, i actually haven’t read about the speech or heard about it.

But to think about it, the incident already happened, and ABS-CBN took their part in helping the victims and even supporting them, do we really have to blame …

Kabarkada Family

Our Kabarkada Family, a team of five that is dedicated on their passion for web development, software and mobile. Creating new mediums for media and the web.

One Team leader that conquers all tasks and obstacles the group is facing in everyday duties, supportive, understanding and very dedicated on the team. He is well equiped on all administration facilities and tools, our source of help in all aspects of our jobs.

An Animator and designer who is very fun to be with in all day, having no dull moments for the team. He’s always there to cheer you up with a smile …

Kabarkada.com vs. Kabarkada ng ABS-CBN (studio 23)

I come across a point where, i realized many people think we are affilliated with abs-cbn or studio 23 or a fan club or something… Actually to clear this out, kabarkada is a team of young (mga gwapo hehe) and talented freelancers here in metro manila, group together headed by me. hehehe, so why kabarkada?

 we are not a studio 23 fan club, nor we are affiliated with abs-cbn, we were actually building up a community before when we started out finding names, that might be of good use for our project. so kabarkada is meant to be a community of …

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