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110 Million worth Government Portal? March 1, 2006

I came across a news Last Feb 6, by Erwin Lemuel Oliva on INQ7.NET about the Government Portal up for redesign, really kind of frustrating for a Filipino like me to know that the Government is about to over spend on such a project, not taking into consideration those people that are victims of natural disasters, etc.

Let’s take a look on some lines on the news:

“The CICT has allocated 110 million pesos for the redesign and development of a payment gateway for the government portal, which will soon incorporate all government-related services.” – taken from inq7.net

I know web developers, freelancers and companies alike are surprised about this, (man i think it’s already late for me to read about this.) since they know almost exactly how a web portal, with payment gateways, e-commerce services, etc. will cost.

“Sixty million pesos was allocated to the Development Bank of the Philippines-Data Center Inc. (DBP-DCI) to develop the Philippine government portal e-payment system last year”

I’ve been into Software Development, and Web Development, both international and local clients, but have never encountered a web portal like such to cost that much. Equipements, manpower, and everything won’t even cost more than 10 million? spend that much for a payment gateway? i think BPI can provide such a service for around 50,000 pesos to signup. some other international gateways allows costs around 200 to 500 US Dollars to setup. it’s not even a fraction.

“Diaz de Rivera said last week that the remaining 50 million pesos will be used to develop the “front-end” of the government portal, starting with the redesign of the website.

Oftentimes, i encounter discussions on mailling lists, news groups, and other privately created lists, about how the Philippines will ever survive from billions of debts. When actually, accountants can tell that by the taxes alone, we can survive, not to mention the income being generated from external sources, OFWs etc., but if we reconsider how the government officials generously reward themselves from these kind of projects. i maybe wrong in some lines, but think over. Do you pay taxes? who consume them?


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